Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009 question - ECNMZNG

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In these troubled economic times, I find it extremely hard to make jokes about our current situation. I'm tempted to joke about changing the national anthem to the theme from Sanford & Son (bonus points if you can remember the name of the song and its composer; we covered this, people) . . . but that would be uncouth. I want to make light of the possibility that the government's last $1.5 trillion check just bounced, and AIG is ticked . . . but that, too, would be noticeably void of couth. I feel compelled to point out that we're so poor, Sally Struthers is asking Ethiopian kids to quit their coffee and adopt us . . . alas, if couth were money, that joke would be America.

So I decided that just this once, making fun of the situation is not the answer. Today, I'm gonna make a difference. Today, I'm going to do my part to trim the fat, tighten the belt (which is so much easier after the fat trimming), and start conserving.

Effective the next paragraph. I'm no longer using vowels.

Thnk bt t: n Whl f Frtn, y mak mny by gssng cnsnnts, bt y py mny t gss vwls. W cn't ffrd t b drppng $200 vry tm w nd vwl, s thts th nd f ll my vwl sg.

Okay, that ain't working. I guess insensitive attempts at humor will have to be my only contribution to the stimuli.

Today's Question
World Records
In 1992, The Guinness Book of World Records credited Vanna White with the honor of being the person who most frequently did what on television?

Yesterday's Answer
And the people who knew it
Jon Heder may have sprung to stardom as Napoleon, but he was paid a mere $1,000 to be that star. I think he's been fairly compensated since. By Nancy K's (the K stands for $1K Seems A Bit Steep) estimation, he got double what he deserved. Her answer of $500 was the closest of anyone. As her prize, I'm breaking out some Dynamite dance moves in her honor. Way to go.

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