Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009 question - It's Okay. Let Out the Anger.

Mt. Zambrano
And the Cubs' Mt. Rushmore of Volcanic Personality
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All of you who had "Jake Fox's Bat Cooling Off" in yesterday's pool lost miserably. No, Lou didn't have one of his sweet explosions, but big Z picked up the slack. Pretty much the whole world has now overreacted to Carlos Zambrano's overreaction to the disputed out call in Wednesday's victory over the Pirates (it's just a big globe full of hypocrites, no?).

And now it's time to reflect on the simmering stew of tempers now residing in Wrigleyville and just how tasty it really is. If you filter through the extreme snobbery of moderation sermons being preached all across the Chicago and sporting airwaves this morning, you might actually notice that everything about yesterday's Mt. Zambrano eruption is hilarious.

There was Lou, unable to suppress the giggles during his post-game press conference.

There was Milton, also chuckling, and approving of the impressive nature of the explosion, adding, "It was on a Bradley level."

And of course, there was Carlos himself, pointing, gesticulating, ump tossing, incidental bumping, ball hurling, Gatorade bashing, and pitching-coach endangering. Yes, he'll be suspended. So what? The fresher he'll be in September and October. His tirade didn't hurt the Cubs. It helped humanity.

Maybe I should be sorry for enjoying a fit of childish rage, but I'm not at all. I love the fact that the Cubs now have three of the most volatile characters in baseball on their squad, ready to combust at any moment.

Cub baseball just became fun to watch again.

Today's Question
Greek/Roman Mythology
Who is Zeus's counterpart in Roman mythology?

Tuesday's Answer
And the people who knew it
Technically, the easternmost province in Canada is Newfoundland and Labrador, but we had no Lab lovers. So I'll give credit to the Newfoundland-only crowd:

Steve J (the J stands for Just A Newfy)
Karen H (the H stands for Halifactually Correct)

Good job, eh?


Killian said...

Big Zeus no doubt if it was Greek Mythology. Big Zeus stands atop mt. wrigley throwing lightening bolts and exacting his fury on umpires.

I guess in Roman Mythology he would be Big Jupiter but that doesn't really sound as cool as Big Zeus!

NoCheezburgers said...


I still feel like I cheated but you said we could ask family. My daughter just happens to be taking Mythology in school this semester! Ha! Take that you trivia numbnut! Hee Hee