Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009 question - Get Out!

The Sun beckons
When I first started trivializing via email, I was a recipient not a sender. And the thing I loved about getting a trivia question every day was the simple fact that it was one small thing to look forward to. It made the day just a little better.

So when I started sending these mind-bending missives, I took the responsibility very seriously: it became my mission to make everybody's day just a little better with something that bore no other relevance to your life than the simple fact that you expected it to come. And if the intro, the question, the answer or just a non-work-related email elevated the experience of your day . . . success!

Well I'm still going to provide a question today, and I hope you get it right. But I'm going to ask something else of you right now, something that I hope will make your day a little better:

Stop what you're doing. Go outside for just a minute. Enjoy the weather, rain or shine. Then come back here and tell me about it.

If there's a reason you just can't go outside, I'd like to hear that, too (though I suspect you could at least get to an open window or something). But there's a reason people talk about the weather when they've got nothing else to talk about. It's not small talk. It's just nice.

It's nice to know that however we compartmentalize ourselves throughout the course of the day, there's a big ol' natural world out there just waiting for us to enjoy it. Be it weather, be it trivia, it's ready for us to partake of its goodness. If that one-minute break from your self-made cell doesn't improve your day even a little bit, I'll give you your money back. Every penny.

So get outside. Tell me what it's like. This is trivia; there's no such thing as small talk.

Today's Question
What do ladybugs eat?

Yesterday's Answer
And the people who knew it
Don Ho, the flyin' Hawaiian, was the only person on yesterday's list to shed this mortal coil. Some of you owe Cronkite and Bordot a long-overdue visit. Here's who knew:

Karen M (the M stands for Morbid)

Congratulations on your genius that has yet to flatline!


NoCheezburgers said...

Well, I did what you said. Not in a distracted way either. I went outside and really paid attention.

The sun is shining (after 3 days of rain) and everything is super lush and green. The azaleas are bursting in purple and pink blooms. I hear birds singing and just spied a Bluebird on one of the box nests that we have and she was feeding her young. A gentle breeze is blowing on my skin. It is neither hot nor humid. It feels perfect. I can hear a dog barking in a neighbor’s back yard and I hear the boats on the lake and a lawn mower in the distance but there is still a very peaceful feeling on my back deck. I just wiped a small spider web from the edge of my chair – those almost invisible string kinds.

Sigh. Well, I’m back. Thanks for that. Really - it WAS nice!

Are you supposed to answer the trivia question on the comments?

I think ladybugs eat aphids. We always get a lot of those little suckers on our rose bushes. Hope they are enjoying the weather as much as I did! :)

AK said...

Excellent! Yes, you certainly can answer here. You will get full credit for your rightness.