Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010 question - 5-finger Trivia

So, it's been awhile since the trivia office sent anything over the wire. Don't worry. Everything's okay. Our fax machine is broken. Our coffee machine is in dire need of a replacement. And our calendar is still on February. But don't worry. Your trivia is important to us, and we're sorry about the wait. Also, we aren't really we. We're just me. But it sounds more official to pluralize myself. We know, we're pretentious.

But let's catch up on what we've missed. Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy President's Day! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Casimir Pulaski Day! Oscars! Happy International Women's Day! Aw, it's Monday. Booo. Let's get to the question, which I just had fed to me by my Sesame Street friends.

Today's Question
Sesame Street
Who is the only Sesame Street Muppet with five fingers? (the rest have four)

Previous Answer
And the People Who Knew It
Little Richard was the guy James brown credited for bringing funk into rock 'n' roll. I'm pretty sure Jason knew. That was 6 months ago.

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